Upcoming races

I’m entering the Great South Run¬†again this year. A nice 10 miles round Portsmouth. Honestly out of all the races I’ve run the Great South has had the very best support from the crowds and the best atmosphere too. It probably helps that Portsmouth is such a small city. Everyone can join in the fun without having to travel far. Lots of people do.

It’s the 25th October this year, two months from now. I know I can do the distance without any more training but I want to try to do it quickly. As such I’m starting my marathon training now which includes a lot more speed work than I’m strictly used to.

For a warm up I’m running the Pieces of Eight on the 4th October.

All in preparation for the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon on 20th December.

That means for a 17 week marathon training schedule I’m officially in week 1. No more slacking off.

I must say though that the Portsmouth Half Marathon on Valentine’s Day next year has the best bling. Try as I might to get my other half to join me I think I’ll be running it alone.

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Portsmouth Coastal Half

After several months of running only short distances and not doing any races or real training I’ve gone and signed up for a half marathon. I went for an eight mile run on Sunday and it was hard work so I’m really going to have to put in the distance and training if I’m going to be ready.

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Stansted Slog

So, it’s the morning of the half marathon, the Stansted Slog, and I start running in 3 hours. I loaded up on pasta last night and I’ve eaten my apple for breakfast. Nothing more to eat now until I finish. I just don’t run very well on full stomach at all.

I’m hoping for sub 2:30:00 given that the course is “undulating”, or massive hills that go on for miles and miles. To be honest I’m looking forward to the last 3.5 miles, which is downhill all the way, where I can bet a nice fast pace to finish off. Miles 4 to 5.5 is a long, steep climb. I’m not looking forward to that at all though the steep downhill for the next mile should allow me to recover before the water station and another climb.

I’m well rested. I did a slow 5k on Tuesday and tail ran for Parkrun yesterday (practically walking) so there’s little chance that I’ve overdone it. If anything I’m concerned that I haven’t put the miles in in the weeks before. I should have been doing a minimum of 30 miles a week and I’ve only managed about 25. After this half marathon I’ll increase my distance and try to do at least two sets of 10 miles each week rather than just the one.

Wish me luck.

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Runner’s Toenail

IMG_1485[1]A couple of weeks ago I ran back from work to home. I think the route was about 10.5 miles and around mile 8 I felt what I thought was a blister forming on my left foot. When I got home I found a good sized blood blister so I stabbed it with a pin to drain it. I think it was caused by my sock being slightly twisted at the end as I’ve not had a problem before or after on long runs.

Yesterday the nail finally dropped off. There’s no sign of another nail growing back to replace it and the end of my toe where the nail was is black. Everything I’ve read on the subject says that this is pretty much normal and not to worry about it but I’ve covered it with a plaster to keep the dirt out anyway. There’s no pain at all. It just doesn’t look very good.

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Hill Running

Butser HillOn Sunday we went hill running up and down Butser Hill. It’s apparently 271 metres high but when you get near the top it feels much higher.

We’ll probably go out again this Sunday. Where do you do your hill runs?

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Runs Home

My runs home from work have gotten longer. We’re taking some scenic routes now. Last week I reached 13.2 miles. Running in the mid afternoon in summertime isn’t good. I been carrying water but Tuesday’s run left me parched and feeling feeble before I’d even gone 10k.

On a positive note after rehydrating we managed a steady 8 minute mile for the 2 miles down Portsdown hill after slogging up to the top of it. How do you stay hydrated on longer runs?

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Run Home from Work

After work today I’m planning to run home directly from work. That’s 10.5 miles if I follow my normal cycle route. It’s pretty flat with nothing greater than a 28 metre dip near the beginning and a 43 metre climb at the end. My route too work is a bit steeper, 136 metre climb and a 165 metre dip but it’s lacking in footpaths.

Shane, my running buddy, and I are leaving work at 5pm and heading out at a moderate speed. We’re aiming for a reasonable ten minute mile. Slow but steady. It’s hot today so I’m tanking up on liquids now and I’ve got some fruit to eat in about an hour having had a main meal an hour ago. I’ll take water with me and I’ve got some cash if I need to stop for a refill. I’m hoping not to though.

If it goes well we’ll probably run again next Thursday and try to increase the speed a bit.

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