The shoes are dead, long live the shoes

I started running in January 2013. I’m not sure what it was that motivated me. Maybe it was reaching 42 and having too much around the middle. Maybe it was having itchy feet after being cooped up for most of the winter. Whatever the reason I put on a pair of trainers, shorts and a t-shirt and started running.

I downloaded the Couch-To-5k app (c25k) and religiously went out three times a week. Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes at work and Saturdays over the park. Looking back I can hardly believe that I had trouble running for 90 seconds when I first started but I really did. I’m literally out for hours on my long runs these days.

I graduated from C25K after 9 weeks and was lucky enough to stumble onto Parkrun. Literally again as I decided to take a different route for my Saturday run and met a whole group of runners. I wondered what they were doing, saw the signs and googled them when I got home. I was back the following week with my barcode.

I gave it another three months before I went out and bought myself a decent pair of shoes. Alexandra Sports treat your feet like a professional treats his tools and I was measured, poked and tested until the right shoe was selected. They even had me running up and down the road to test them out, an exercise that I can’t imagine at an ordinary shoe shop. The cost was high but I figured that running is one of those very low cost hobbies and a pair of shoes would last me a while.

That was June 2013 and my shoes have taken me through sand, sea (literally), mud, roads and even a few swamps. They’ve been submerged in icy water and pounded along about 500 hundreds of miles of pavements and dirt tracks. It’s no wonder that the webbing has torn and the sole has a squeak to it.

On Sunday I ran 10.5 miles and I found that I’d developed a blister on my right foot. It was then that I noticed the tear. Sad news indeed but it’s time the old boys were retired and the pair I’d picked up in the January sales came out.

This blog will track the progress of my new shoes as I build up to a half marathon and beyond. Maybe I’ll even be running in them at the end of the year.


About Jason Horton

Please! If I told you about me then you'd only be jealous. That would not do. It is better that you simply don't ask.
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2 Responses to The shoes are dead, long live the shoes

  1. Hi hoverfrog- long time no see @friendlyatheist 🙂

    I also count running as one of the things that keeps me sane(r).

    I’ve taken to wearing expensive socks to keep away the blisters. I use one called “Wrightsock” which is a double layer, so the layers rub against each other than not your skin. It helps a lot. For longer runs (>10mi) I’ll often put on some BodyGlide. I ran one marathon in pouring (as in running on roads that were essentially rivers) rain, and the BodyGlide kept me blister free.

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