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Every now and then I like to contribute something back to Parkrun. The problem is that I like to run and don’t want to give up running even for a week. I could wait for injury to force me to … Continue reading

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London Marathon Ballot

The 2015 Virgin London Marathon Ballot opens today. I’ve never run a marathon before or even run that distance but it’s on my JFDI (Just Fucking Do It) list. Why not start at one of the most popular and interesting events … Continue reading

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I’ve just found out that I’m the Sweatshop prize winner for Havant Parkrun this month. I have a current streak of 46 parkruns in a row, 46 weeks of 5k runs every Saturday. I’m going to have another set of new … Continue reading

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I’ve signed up for the 5×50 challenge, 50 days to improve your fitness by running, walking, cycling or swimming 5k a day. My usual schedule of exercise covers this anyway except on a Wednesday. Sunday – Long run between 10km and … Continue reading

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Running when you’re ill

I’ve had a stinking cold since Thursday. All the normal symptoms, my head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton wool, bones ache, muscles are weak and feeble and my nose is running faster than my feet (not much of a … Continue reading

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