Run Home from Work

After work today I’m planning to run home directly from work. That’s 10.5 miles if I follow my normal cycle route. It’s pretty flat with nothing greater than a 28 metre dip near the beginning and a 43 metre climb at the end. My route too work is a bit steeper, 136 metre climb and a 165 metre dip but it’s lacking in footpaths.

Shane, my running buddy, and I are leaving work at 5pm and heading out at a moderate speed. We’re aiming for a reasonable ten minute mile. Slow but steady. It’s hot today so I’m tanking up on liquids now and I’ve got some fruit to eat in about an hour having had a main meal an hour ago. I’ll take water with me and I’ve got some cash if I need to stop for a refill. I’m hoping not to though.

If it goes well we’ll probably run again next Thursday and try to increase the speed a bit.


About Jason Horton

Please! If I told you about me then you'd only be jealous. That would not do. It is better that you simply don't ask.
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