Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar facsi fascii heal pain has been bothering me for the last six months. It has made running difficult and painful though only when I stop or start. When I was training for the Milton Keynes half back in May it was bad straight after a run.

I joined Victory AC for the tail end of their marathon training so I could be a few 10+ miles of training in. After the runs we’d stop for a chat and wait for the slower runners. Then we’d go our separate ways. I’d always planned on running the mile and a half home afterwards but each time my heel would flare up in agony after two steps and I’d have to stop.

Mornings are bad but even sitting down at work or in front of the telly will cause a problem. As soon as I stand the underside of my food screams bloody murder at me and I have to limp around until it loosens up.

My running speed has dropped by a full minute a mile and my usual distance has gone down from a comfortable 8 to 10 miles to around 5 to 6 miles. I’ve put on weight again and even my parkrun times have suffered.

Fed up with this I was prompted by the lovely Hil to do something about it. Compression socks, exercises, and stretches haven’t really helped. While I was running an event, Why Not Run with On the Whistle, another runner, Ian G, put me on to a product called Super Feet.

The next week I took an afternoon off and went to Alexandra Sports to try out a pair. The pain was immediately better but only while wearing them in my new shoes. Another runner put me on to physio room and their collection of things that are useful for physio generally. I picked up a night splint which I’ve been using for nearly a week.

The morning pain is much better. I’m not cured yet but I can see myself recovering. Things are looking up again.

Time to get training. I’ve got some fell running to do next month.


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