Isle of Wight Half Marathon

iowI tend to book most of my races these days in half yearly chunks and then rely on race numbers arriving or reminder emails to be my prompt that I have a race that weekend.

I’ve received neither from Ryde Harriers which is why I’m slightly surprised to be running on Sunday at the Isle of Wight Half Marathon. It’s not their fault, it’s mine so don’t think that I’m blaming them or anything.

With my current injury I’m not expecting a PB but I am looking forward to it. The Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to visit and Ryde is a beautiful town. I’ve never run this particular course before but like everyone on the Isle of Wight it is going to be really hilly. I expect to be walking some parts of it but I’ll try not to and I’ll try to remember that every hill I climb means that I’ll be coming down the other side too.

This Saturday I’m pacing at Havant Parkrun¬†because it’s a pacing event. If I’d remembered that I had a race I would probably have set a pacing time lower than the one I’m doing so I could dawdle round and have a chat. As it is I’m just going to run and enjoy myself.

That’s what it’s all about after all.


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