My morning run today, a measly 1.5 miles round the recreation ground, was Day 30 of Ron Hill’s Run Every Day challenge for October. Tomorrow I finish it off with a 5k run on the final day of our club’s Couch to 5k course. Not a bad way to finish the month off.

How do I feel about this? Well, running every day has been enjoyable, surprisingly. Some of the runs have been very short, literally half a mile from the Train Station to Tesco when I’ve been too busy. Some have been very long. Yesterday’s marathon training run was 17 miles round Portsmouth. Most are in the 5k region.

Going without a rest day has been most difficult on a Monday after a long run the day before. Running on tired legs is difficult enough but once I get the first half mile out of the way things loosen up quite nicely.

Will I carry it on? Probably not every day but I will run more often that I have been. I’ve enjoyed the 5am morning run and the lunchtime run at work more than I thought I would. I had the most difficulty fitting in an evening run when I wasn’t at the running club. Getting home tired from a day’s work, having dinner, and then getting the motivation to run was extremely difficult. Much better to stumble out of the door half asleep with a head torch on before my brain could tell me to stop.


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