Runner’s Toenail

IMG_1485[1]A couple of weeks ago I ran back from work to home. I think the route was about 10.5 miles and around mile 8 I felt what I thought was a blister forming on my left foot. When I got home I found a good sized blood blister so I stabbed it with a pin to drain it. I think it was caused by my sock being slightly twisted at the end as I’ve not had a problem before or after on long runs.

Yesterday the nail finally dropped off. There’s no sign of another nail growing back to replace it and the end of my toe where the nail was is black. Everything I’ve read on the subject says that this is pretty much normal and not to worry about it but I’ve covered it with a plaster to keep the dirt out anyway. There’s no pain at all. It just doesn’t look very good.

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Hill Running

Butser HillOn Sunday we went hill running up and down Butser Hill. It’s apparently 271 metres high but when you get near the top it feels much higher.

We’ll probably go out again this Sunday. Where do you do your hill runs?

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Runs Home

My runs home from work have gotten longer. We’re taking some scenic routes now. Last week I reached 13.2 miles. Running in the mid afternoon in summertime isn’t good. I been carrying water but Tuesday’s run left me parched and feeling feeble before I’d even gone 10k.

On a positive note after rehydrating we managed a steady 8 minute mile for the 2 miles down Portsdown hill after slogging up to the top of it. How do you stay hydrated on longer runs?

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Run Home from Work

After work today I’m planning to run home directly from work. That’s 10.5 miles if I follow my normal cycle route. It’s pretty flat with nothing greater than a 28 metre dip near the beginning and a 43 metre climb at the end. My route too work is a bit steeper, 136 metre climb and a 165 metre dip but it’s lacking in footpaths.

Shane, my running buddy, and I are leaving work at 5pm and heading out at a moderate speed. We’re aiming for a reasonable ten minute mile. Slow but steady. It’s hot today so I’m tanking up on liquids now and I’ve got some fruit to eat in about an hour having had a main meal an hour ago. I’ll take water with me and I’ve got some cash if I need to stop for a refill. I’m hoping not to though.

If it goes well we’ll probably run again next Thursday and try to increase the speed a bit.

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Not according to plan

I had a plan. It was a thing of beauty. Why haven’t I stuck to it?

Probably because it was too ambitious. I’ve scaled back and I’m running 10 miles regularly to get used to the longer distances instead. Having a formal, rigid plan hasn’t worked for me, I need the flexibility.

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One year of streaking

IMG_1460[1]Saturday 17th May represents my 52nd consecutive parkrun. The first Havant Parkrun was the 17th June so I’m four weeks early for the second anniversary and one week late for the 100th Parkrun.

Speaking of the 100th Havant Parkrun this is me wearing a red curtain dressed as Superman…obviously. We don’t always dress up to run but sometimes it’s fun.

Take a look at the pictures if you fancy a laugh.

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Not a deer

Trees and a pathThis morning on a brisk 5k run round the park I met a deer. The beast rather startled me (or I it) as it shot off down the black slope and into the woods.

Having my phone with me I whipped it out and set the camera up in case I saw it again. Amazingly it hadn’t run far and I did indeed catch up with it. Sadly when I raised my phone to take a snap it darted off. There is a picture of some trees instead for you to look at. They’re very pretty as was the rest of my run.

Don’t you just love seeing new things when you go out on the trails?

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